Électricité De France, France, Coordinator

As a global leader in low-carbon energy, the EDF Group covers every sector of expertise, from generation to trading and transmission grids. EDF builds on the expertise of its people, its R&D and engineering skills, its experience as a leading industry operator and the attentive support of its customers to deliver competitive solutions that successfully reconcile economic growth with climate protection. EDF is the first producer of renewable electricity in Europe.

Key Figures (EDF Group, Dec. 2016):

  • 71,2 billion euros in annual revenue
  • 154,845 employees worldwide
  • 37,1 million clients worldwide
  • 584,7 TWh electricity generation
  • 88% of electricity CO2 free

Website : https://www.edf.fr/en/meta-home



As today’s increasingly digital world dramatically changes the way we produce and consume, research into electricity generation, transmission and consumption is of decisive importance. To succeed in the energy transition, more than 2,000 EDF’s R&D division employees (representing 27 nationalities) are currently working on many different projects designed simultaneously to deliver low-carbon power generation, smarter energy transmission grids and more responsible energy consumption.

Missions :

  • Developing and testing new energy services for customers : Responding to customer expectations means thinking about new solutions that respond effectively to variable energy demand while also limiting carbon emissions. This involves:
    • promoting new ways of using electricity more efficiently (heat pumps, electric mobility, etc.
    • developing digital energy services (real-time consumption control, smart load balancing, etc.)
    • developing solutions that encourage energy savings (insulation, appliances, etc.)
    • supporting local authorities in their energy plans for sustainable cities and regions
  • Preparing the electrical systems and grids of tomorrow : This involves developing smart management tools that will make electrical systems more flexible and adaptable, encouraging the injection of intermittent energy sources into the grid, and designing new sustainable energy solutions at local and regional level.
  • Consolidating and developing competitive, low-carbon energy generation mixes : One of the major challenges presented by the energy transition is to ensure the efficient coexistence of traditional generating methods with the development of renewables. Thus, EDF’s R&D Division  ensures the flexible articulation of the production mix, the improvement of nuclear plant safety, the anticipation of environmental impacts and prepares the technologies of tomorrow.

3 departments of EDF R&D are involved in the Plan4Res Project.


The OSIRIS departement (around 120 researchers) is focused on :

  • Market Risks and valuation : Risk experts provide their competence for asset hedging and costing of energy supply offers
  • Energy Portfolio Management : OSIRIS develops tools for portfolio and asset management, from portfolio sizing to short terme generating plants
  • Data Science and Forecast : OSIRIS develops operational models used to forecast various time series data, eg. electricity consumption
  • Operational research : OSIRIS is constantly researching and testing nex state of the art optimisation methods for a variety of management problems
  • Adaptation of meteorological and climate forecasting tools to the needs of the electricity generation, transport, distribution and marketing sectors as well as the evaluation of new technologies for the mass production and storage of energy.


The “Economic and Technical Analysis of Energy Systems” laboratory (EFESE) fuels and contributes to the elaboration of the corporate strategy on the different topics focused on the European energy prospects and landscape, the current and future market mechanisms for electricity and gas, and the evolution of the electrical system with the advent of new generation technologies, the move towards more flexible networks and the emergence of new storage technologies.


Contributions to the Plan4Res Project

Project Coordinator (and WP1 leader)

WP4 (Data) Leader

EDF will be involved in :

  • Performing one of the Case Studies (WP2)
  • Contributing to the Modelling (WP4)
  • Developping the Data Platform and contributing to the construction of DataSets
  • Solving algorithms (mainly related to Stochastic programming)
  • Software development

People Involved

  • Mrs Sandrine Charousset, Project Coordinator
  • Mr Felix Trieu, WP4 leader,
  • Dr Nadia Oudjane,
  • Dr Wim van Ackooij,
  • Mr Dominique Daniel,
  • Dr Laurent Dubus,

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