Plan4res Webinar

plan4res team held a webinar on last January 28th 2020, dedicated to a presentation of the results obtained in the first 2 years of the project.

pdf slides can be downloaded here : plan4RES_Webinar280120

Introduction: short presentation of plan4res (S. Charousset)

Case Studies

  • Introduction and CS1  ”Multi-modal European energy concept for achieving COP 21”– D. Most
  • CS2 ”Strategic development of the pan-European network”– S. Giannellos
  • CS3 Assessing cost of RES integration and impact of climate change for the European electricity system” – S. Charousset

CS2 and CS3 are included in one video file.

Modelling – D. Beulertz



Conclusion (S. Charousset)