Plan4res Stakeholders Workshop – April 11, 2018

The first public workshop of the project took place next April 11th in Paris.

This workshop was devoted to discussions with representatives of the main stakeholders about the functionalities of the plan4res planning tool regarding the needs of potential users and the scope of the intended case studies.

plan4res aims at developing a new end-to-end planning tool for a better integration of RES into a pan-European energy system. It is intended to support the main stakeholders of the European energy system (TSOs, DSOs, Utilities, Energy providers…) by helping them taking better decisions regarding the development and operation of their energy portfolio, also considering the emerging technologies and innovative flexibility sources while maintaining a high level of reliability.

3 case studies are planned, covering 3 different main focuses – hopefully representing the view points of different stakeholders:

  1. Multi-modal European energy concept for achieving COP 21 goal with perfect foresight, considering sector coupling of electricity, gas, heat and transport demand
  2. Strategic development of  pan-European network w/o perfect foresight and considering long-term uncertainties
  3. Cost of RES integration and impact of climate change for the European Electricity System in a future world with high shares of renewable energy sources”

Presentations :

Questionnaire :

in preparation for the workshop, we invite you to fill in this questionnaire

A summary of contributions was presented and discussed during the Workshop : see here.

Contributions are still welcome.


Workshop Scope:

Morning session (10-13) :

The plan4res project team will present the project, inform about the scope of the 3 case studies and answer direct questions.

Afternoon session (14-15’30) :

Round table discussion to get stakeholders feedback about :

1- what the future European energy system may look like;
where issues may loom and which pressing questions have to be answered.

2- The planning tool and the case studies, e.g.:

– What is missing? What should be highlighted in more detail
– need for alternative approaches?
– Required outputs;
⇒are they ok & helpful for your future work; what to be considered additionally


Workshop Details:

WS will be held on April 11th in the premises of the EDF’Labs in Paris Saclay.
(Please find bellow  travel information ‘How to get to EDF’Lab Paris Saclay’)

The Workshop will start at 10.00 and end latest 15:30 in the afternoon.

(From 9:30 on we will have a Welcome Coffee and a Lunch Buffet around 13:00. )

How to come to EDF Lab Paris Saclay

Registration : 

If you wish to participate the workshop, please contact us :

Please include in your email some information : Name, Institution, and a few words explaining why you are interested in this project and which kind of (related to the project) activity your institution is supporting.