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  • plan4res modelling deliverable (D3.1) published
  • 3 real-size Case Studies simulating pathways for the European Energy Transition will be conducted using plan4res tools
  • plan4res will rely on SCIP (ZIB), StOPT (EDF) and NDOSolver/FiOracle (ICOOR Pisa) for solving its large scale difficult optimisation problems
    • The latest SCIP release will help to solve large-scale MIP problems within plan4res
    • StOpt, an open-source stochastic optimization library for solving large seasonal storage problems
    • NDOSolver/FiOracle, for solving problems induced by decomposition algorithms
  • EMP-E 2019 conference, October 8-9 2019, co-organised by H2020 projects SET-Nav, MEDEAS, REEM, REflex, MAGIC Nexus, Magnitude, planet and plan4res


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