Second plan4res Newsletter

  • July, 3 2019

Content : public deliverables Case Studies summaries Common platform : The plan4res planning tool is composed of a data repository, a staging area, a transformation environment, a computation environment and…

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Case Study Summaries

  • June, 3 2019

Public summaries of the 3 plan4res Case Studies have been published   Case Study 1 : Multi-modal European energy concept for achieving COP 21 goal with perfect foresight, considering sector…

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First plan4res Newsletter

  • February, 27 2019

Content : plan4res modelling deliverable (D3.1) published 3 real-size Case Studies simulating pathways for the European Energy Transition will be conducted using plan4res tools plan4res will rely on SCIP (ZIB),…

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Join the plan4res team!

  • November, 13 2018

The Department of Computer Science of the University of Pisa is opening two post-doc positions. Each position is for two (or 3) years, with no teaching duties included. The first…

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